move in/out

To move in to your Abode318 Apartment, please book the loading dock and goods lift.

Book Your Move

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How To Book

If you are intending to move in or out of Abode318, you will need to make a booking with the Building Manager. This should be at least 48 hours prior to desired move in date. Building Management will make arrangements for you to have exclusive access to the goods lift and the loading bay on your move in day.

Utility Connections

To ensure a smooth transition into your apartment, we can help you organise and connect your electricity, gas, phone, internet, removalists and more with suppliers in your area and arrange them all in the one spot.

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Booking Times

Note: During the initial move in period, move-ins will be permitted outside of normal hours and on weekends at no additional charge provided a booking has been made with Building Management.

Building Management may refuse any unscheduled moves in or out of the complex.

Booking Conditions

One of the reasons you must book your move in or out with Building Management is so that a protective curtain can be installed inside the lift to protect the panels from being damaged. Building Management will also be able to isolate the lift so that you have priority use.

It is the responsibility of residents to ensure that the buildings surfaces are not damaged in any way during the moving process. Any damage that occurs will be the responsibility of the respective resident. It is therefore advisable that you inform Building Management or their representative of any damage that is apparent before you commence moving.

All packaging material is to be disposed of responsibly. All paper and cardboard is to be taken to the recycling area in the complex and placed in the recycling bins provided. All boxes are to be broken down before they are placed in the bins.

All other packaging like bubble wrap, plastics or Styrofoam are to be placed in the general waste bins provided. Do not put packaging down the rubbish chute.